Jewish Association Czulent was established in 2004. Is is an association of national minority that brings together Jews and Jewess in Poland. We have different opinions and interests, although we have one thing in common – background and belief, that Jewish identity is something valuable, which should be cultivated and strengthen. It is an independent organization, which was based on such values as : pluralism, diversity, openness and tolerance.

Association aspired to create the space, in which it is possible to define one's identity and fulfill the goals which active members of Jewish community in Poland set for themselves.

The priorities of the Association are:

• integration of Jewish community;

Association focuses it's actions mainly on the Jewish community in Poland. It's purpose is to crate projects, which will integrate people of different age and various organizations, at the same time creating the strong bounds within the community of Jews and Jewess.

• broadening the knowledge about Jewish tradition and culture;

Our projects are the response to the need for better understanding of Jewish traditions and culture in Poland, reaching out beyond the stereotypes and schema

• promoting tolerance, creating the approach of openness to national, ethnic and religious differences, with special emphasis on actions condemning antisemitism and discrimination.

We work through political, social and legal advocacy, creating and implementing systems of educational solutions and building the coalitions.